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Spiritual Nutrition


Buddha-Dharma philosophy shares many insights, however self-observation and inquiry for personal discovery and potentially awakening or enlightenment is primarily encouraged. Addressing the physical is a necessary step. Being aware of our physical body and our subtle energy systems, honouring and respecting our intrinsic connection to nature, and nourishing and nurturing the physical to enhance this awareness are practiced as a means toward the Middle Path - the path of harmony and balance. Observing and working with the physical body can lead us into our unconscious/subconscious world by revealing stressors, imbalances and conflict. MORE

Spiritual Nutrition is one of many ways to work with the physical and includes mindfulness toward food preparation, being aware of our body's needs and how to meet those needs and establishing a healthy respect and connection to our body and our relationship with food. 

For those seeking a deeper experience of cleansing, healing and conscious growth, fasting may be considered. Practiced as a means to deepen our self-study and any disharmony and conflict we hold within, the Buddha Dharma teaches that fasting gives the individual an opportunity for greater self-observation and awareness of our environment and those around us and supports physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It is important to note, fasting is a practice that may or may not be part of your journey. It is a very personal choice and honest communication, connection and confidence must be present between practitioner and client before a fast is undertaken.

Recipes and ideas are available on the blog.