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Informed communication and counselling is an interactive workshop designed to introduce participants to ideas and concepts, that if utilised in the therapeutic environment, may improve outcomes for practitioners and clients. Participants are encouraged to carefully consider the concepts presented, fostering those that are in alignment with you, while letting go of those that are not, which is a very important in practicing and fine tuning yourself as a practitioner. The course aims to present ideas and a structure for you as a practitioner, all of which you can embrace, fine tune, consider or release, and all of which are open for discussion. There are a few concepts however that are integral to be a good, or even better, a highly effective and successful practitioner. 

The course is also designed to help you personally develop yourself as a competent practitioner. The information contained within it has been drawn from many sources over the years of study and enquiry that I have been privy to. The course is aimed at a range of practitioners from body workers, to counsellors and psychologists to better inform and educate our practitioners with the increasing demands and stress being faced in society and based on the current WHO information that indicates an epidemic of mental health related and compensated time off work. Recognition of the current mainstream therapeutic treatment plans and pharmaceutical drug augmentation programs inability to address the root causes of suffering, anxiety and disease brings light to the need for a more allied health approach, the closing of the gap between our medical practitioners and alternative health therapists and counsellors, which was the inspiration of this material and workshop. 

Participants will be given the opportunity to explore a more dynamic approach to counselling in combination with their current therapeutic approach by delving into various counselling methods and philosophies, discussing case studies and examples, and developing and refining their current counselling approach. 

Participants will be asked to discuss cases and ideas with each other, or in small groups, as well as work individually on key concepts, goals and also the ethical implications of applying this method to their current practice. 

Participants are expected to have a minimum entry level counselling skill or qualification, be currently working within a small business or clinic, be actively studying or enrolled in a practitioner course online, university or college. Experience working with clients or current study in the natural medicine field is important in understanding key concepts of this workshop. 





NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an extraordinary neuro-technology system that you can now access through our licensed practitioners and within the therapeutic setting. Used independently or in conjunction with Kinesiology and/or Counselling, it will further enhance sessions by detecting and monitoring changes in cortical patterns, and then ‘trains the brain’ (a bit like a PT coach) to fire optimally. How? Tiny sensors placed on the left and right hemisphere monitor the brain activity, and using your auditory perception, feedback is given to the brain. Inconsistencies or abrupt changes in electrical activity in the brain undermine optimal functioning. Neurofeedback is likened to holding up a mirror to the brain, revealing these sub-optimal changes, and very naturally the brain then re-organises itself to perform more optimally.

Our brain is incredible, and it wants to perform as efficiently as possible. Given it contains more connections than there are stars, it’s safe to say it is the most complex structure in the known universe. While we have crossed many frontiers in our bid to understand the brain, we are still only scratching the surface. But one thing is sure, to the degree your brain is functioning optimally directly correlates to how well you will function in the world. The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system was designed by clinical psychologists to utilise our innate ability to re-organise, correct and heal by using these tiny sensors to monitor the brain activity. Natural and non-invasive, the gentle nature of the process and the accompanying music takes you into an exquisite and deeply relaxing state, the perfect setting for your therapeutic healing session, or simply to deepen a meditation, calm an overactive nervous system, or support a busy work schedule.

Who can benefit from Neurofeedback?


Anyone struggling with anxiety or depression, learning or language delays or developmental challenges, ADHD and behavioural issues, PTSD, trauma, stress, panic attacks, sleep disturbances, overthinking, tiredness and fatigue, as well as high functioning athletes, biohackers, and anyone wishing to enhance their mental health and wellbeing and gain an edge!

Combining NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback with your Kinesiology session is double the fun and double the outcome! While sessions still move at a pace perfect for the client, sessions are now enhanced by the combination of kinesiology in conjunction with the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system. Eastern healing philosophy combined with western physiological sciences and cutting-edge neuro-technology is a perfect marriage of ancient and current knowledge and wisdom.