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You are your own healer and you

are your greatest teacher. 

Pure Soul Wellness is a leading alternative and holistic business that addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health and wellness to optimise human potential and maximise consciousness. Healing, growth and empowerment in all areas of an individual's life is at the forefront of our philosophy.

Only 8 minutes by train from Perth, our main Wellness Clinic is located in the heart of the Maylands precinct in the incredibly stunning Gardenia Cottage, just a short walk across the road from the Maylands train station on Railway Parade. Our team is also fully equipped for online availability as our assessments, and some of our services can be done online, making us available Australia wide!


Our mission is to bring together a team of incredible practitioners, each one unique, and everyone exceptional at delivering you an individually tailored and personal service. 

Please note, we are available by appointment only.

Click here to view our opening hours, location or to simply connect with us.

Kinesiology Counselling Neurofeedback TRTP Naturopath Maylands


Neurofeedback Kinesiology Counselling Mental health Maylands Perth Health


The gentle art of muscle-monitoring is used to identify stressors and imbalances in our physical body, sub-conscious and unconscious mind. READ MORE

Neurofeedback Kinesiology Mental Health Counselling Maylands Perth Wellness Clinic


A natural approach to feeling and functioning optimally. It’s simple and effective training that will get your brain functioning at its best. READ MORE

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NDIS Participant

If you have a current NDIS plan that includes 

Capacity - Improved Daily Living Skills, speak to one of our professionals on how you can use your plan to access our services.


Counselling TRTP Mentalhealth Health Kinesiology Neurofeedback Naturopathy

Counselling & TRTP™

Guided self-inquiry to assist those on the path of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing and growth. Also available online. 


Naturopath Health Wellness Neurofeedback Kinesiology Counselling Mental Health Perth Maylands

Mind-Body Nutrition

Establishing a healthy respect and connection to your body and your intrinsic nature including mindful food preparation.

Counselling Kinesiology Neurofeedback Mentalhealth Health Perth Maylands Naturopathy Clinic Naturopath

Coaching & Training

Informed Communication and Counselling in the therapeutic setting for Practitioners. ATMS Accredited. CPE Approved, online available.



About our new Clinic
Welcome to Gardenia Cottage in the heart of Maylands...

Welcome to the Pure Soul Wellness homepage! I invite you to sit back and relax while your browse the information we share here. My name is Jo and I am a Holistic Counsellor, Kinesiologist and Neurofeedback Practitioner. I've been in the health & wellness industry for 10 years now and recently was blessed with an opportunity to bring together a team of incredible practitioners. Take your time when meeting our practitioners on the team page, as connecting you to the right person is most important. All of our practitioners have come together consciously and with a like-minded view to share and grow their profession and passion.

The stunning Gardenia Cottage on Railway Parade is now home to Pure Soul Wellness, and home to a team whose passion and care is simply outstanding. We have come together to create an environment that is optimal for health and healing by encompassing comfort, cosiness and warmth, with our expertise, experience and unique backgrounds. We support each other to be our best, and in turn, support you. Getting you on the road to achieving your health and wellness goals, addressing any challenges and blocks along the way and utilising some of the most advanced neuro technology enables us to truly stand out as leaders in our industry. Having all experienced the benefits of a combined approach, and individually having experienced how our unique abilities have been enhanced and optimised with the introduction of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, it was only natural to become neurofeedback practitioners ourselves. We are excited to share with you the incredible results one can achieve when used in combination with our individual therapeutic approaches. 

Our team have a combined total of over 40 years’ experience in the health industry! Coming together to share our knowledge, and share with you, our community, is simply a dream come true! Whether it is Kinesiology or Naturopathic care you are looking for, I encourage you to explore our website, or take advantage of our complimentary assessment online, or in person, where you can discuss your circumstances with one of our practitioners. You will have no worries connecting with and finding the right practitioner for you. So head over to our team page, or simply fill in the assessment form below, and one of our staff will be in touch!

We look forward to seeing you!

Jo & the Team at Pure Soul Wellness 

Balance Kinesiology Counselling Neurofeedback Naturopath
Joann Kinesiologist Maylands Counselling Neurofeedback


After feeling a little stuck in my new business, I was recommended by a close friend to try kinesiology with Joann Farkas. It has been such a gift and an amazing experience in learning to break through negative emotions and blocks within myself. It's refreshing to meet someone who totally gets my journey, and is genuinely supportive of moving forward with me.
Jo, you're an angel! 

— Lisa Miller – Owner/Director of Nature’s Symphony.

Kinesiology Counselling Neurofeedback Naturopath

‘Life is about balance. It’s about getting to know yourself. It’s finding that delicate balance between stepping into and embracing your power- your authenticity – and softening into your vulnerability. It’s about feeling safe and secure in life and developing healthy and sustainable boundaries. When we feel safe and secure, we tend to reveal the best parts of our self, which ultimately inspires the best in others. To act in a way that supports you, and simultaneously those around you is key. It takes time, effort and patience. It’s having compassion for yourself while you explore yourself intimately. Knowing yourself will help you know and connect with others. Your family, friends and even your greatest challenges. But above all, when you know yourself intimately you can access your own infinite wisdom. This is the path to self-actualisation and your highest potential. You are your own healer and you are your greatest teacher.’


Your Health Starts Here
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