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Stepping into your power is awesome but it also means owning up to your role and feelings in all situations, both good & bad. Today I may challenge you…

Growing mentally, emotionally & spiritually is an amazing journey but definitely comes with its challenges. I know! I for one stumbled over probably every challenge you could imagine in my stubborn, totally independent, ‘nobody can fix me except me’, mentality.

But experiencing each of those hurdles (and I’m sure there’s more to come…) has imprinted on me how vitally important it is to actually ‘rock the boat’, and how in doing so, allows the process of self-inquiry to deepen, expand and be all the more richer.

Many of the teachers and wellness coaches in my life have challenged me to own my role in certain situations. Sometimes gently, other times, not so. Sometimes a simple statement of truth felt like ripping off a band aid and exposing an old wound. I would feel hurt, cross and misunderstood. In reality I was given an opportunity of self-inquiry and owning my role (and my emotions) in all situation.

Now my role as a facilitator and teacher for those open to growing, healing & expanding consciousness, is to be gentle, authentic & honest, and to challenge those thoughts & beliefs that often keep us stuck in our stuff. I’m not going to lie, not everyone likes what I may suggest, and some may disagree, but it’s not my job to be liked all the time, (I still find this tough!). But when I know that the truth is more important than being liked, and that the rewards for my clients are greater, then I gotta be honest, it’s worth the sting!

So what do I mean by owning your stuff? It’s about being responsible for your feelings, your emotions, your actions and your role in any given situation. There are so many situations presented to me where someone was hard done by, treated unfairly or trying to do the best for another and feeling unappreciated. Now these are real situations and real feelings and unfortunately happen quite often on a daily basis.

When I finally took a step back and let go of control, 2 things happened. I was finally able to acknowledge and heal my own fears, and in doing so my hubby could finally do the same. In acknowledging my feelings and taking responsibility for the real reason behind my actions I could finally let go of control.

Many people feel that 'if they don't do it no one will'. Many still feel they have a role and responsibility to others and believe that stepping out of that role, letting go of control, and beginning a process of self-inquiry is selfish. And many feel that the hurt they experience is the fault of others, which when we were little may have been true, but as we grow we can, if we choose to, discover the tools within us that heal the hurt & fear and break that pattern.

In my own experience, letting go and being responsible for my own thoughts, feelings and actions in all situations, and in coming into the self, enables me to give more than I ever have before.

And in reference to a past blog, in letting go, allowing life to ebb & flow, let go of expectations and attachments, you can experience freedom. And what is freedom to me? Happiness.

Jo- Pure Soul Wellness.


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