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About 3 years ago I was lucky enough to learn an incredible lesson from my then 3yr old son, and I felt very much to share his wisdom.

He and I were out shopping for a new Christmas tree when out of nowhere, he had a funny turn and collapsed unconscious in my arms, momentarily stopping breathing. Watching my baby fade away in my arms was a terrifying experience, but at that stage I had no idea of the lesson I was learning and the message he would bring back with him within the coming days.


While sitting in the Dr's office waiting to have one of the many tests done to determine why he momentarily ‘checked out’, I started chatting with my son, asking him what he wanted to be when he grew up. 

He looked at me very thoughtfully and began thinking quite seriously about what I had just asked. So I suggested, how about a Dr like the ones helping you?  No! was the response. Okay well what about an ambulance driver? Again - No mum. Okay, well you tell me, what do you want to be when you grow up? After another moment pondering the question, he finally looked at me and said, I'm going to be free mum. Hearing my 3yr old say this took my breath away, and within moments I was standing in the Dr's office a blubbering mess of tears. How did my son, who was only 3, have life so figured out?

Now we've read the quotes that say growing up to be happy, healthy and free is more important than a job title and a fat bank account, but achieving health, happiness and freedom, when did anyone ever explain or show us how?

What I have learned so far from my own journey of personal growth and development, and the road to health and happiness is that when I feel my happiest (and my healthiest) is when I accept life as it ebbs and flows, hold no expectation in any situation, no attachment to any outcome and accept past experience. Releasing expectations, unhealthy attachments and negative emotions creates a feeling of- you guessed it- freedom. And whenever I feel free, I feel happy.

We never did find out the medical reason as to why my son collapsed, either way, wherever he went, he came back with a valuable bit of info for me. He is a happy, healthy boy and what that time and experience has shown me, was how truly important life is and how best I want to live my life, and that is - from the advice of my son – free. Because for me, freedom is happiness.

Jo- Pure Soul Wellness


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