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I am just loving this product so had to share!

Cellfood is an amazing supplement that contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes & 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen. It is made from all natural, plant based sources and is easily absorbed and utilised by every cell in the body.

If you are taking any supplements, eating Superfoods or generally trying to eat a nutrient rich diet, taking Cellfood will help the body to better assimilate other vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Increased energy, clarity of thinking, better sleep patterns and an overall feeling of health were the benefits I felt, however Cellfood also supports immune system function, allergy relief, ph balancing, injury recovery, removal of free radicals, digestion and bowel function and cellular oxygenation.

I have read many more reports and reviews on line and people just rave about this product! I have definitely felt the benefits personally and my clients have also reported back great reviews from using Cellfood.

For more info or if you would like to purchase Cellfood, contact me via phone or email to arrange collection or shipping.

Click here view the clinical study and amazing results this product produced.

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