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Neurofeedback... What is it? And why this Neuro-Technology made it into my practice.

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a tech buff! And yet here I am with the most advanced non-linear Neurofeedback system in the world! (Yeah that's a mouthful I know!). So why would I take the plunge into the world of technology and introduce NeurOptimal® into my sessions? Simply put, it works. And in a world facing a growing mental health epidemic, we need it.

Trying Neurofeedback for the first time, I have to admit, I was sceptical. "A computer system that, via tiny micro sensors monitors your brain and teaches it to re-organise and perform more efficiently?? Yeah OK sure... I'll try..." Well boy did I get a lesson in humility...

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an extraordinary neuro-technology system that you can now access through licensed practitioners within the therapeutic setting. Used independently or in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques such as Kinesiology and/or Counselling, it will further enhance sessions by detecting and monitoring changes in cortical patterns, and then ‘trains the brain’ (a bit like a PT coach) to fire optimally. How? Tiny sensors placed on the left and right hemisphere monitor the brain activity, and using your auditory perception, feedback is given to the brain. Inconsistency, or abrupt changes in electrical activity in the brain undermines optimal functioning. Neurofeedback is likened to holding up a mirror to the brain, revealing these sub-optimal changes, and very naturally the brain then re-organises itself to perform more efficiently.

Our brain is incredible, and it wants to perform as efficiently as possible. Given it contains more connections than there are stars, it’s safe to say it is the most complex structure in the known universe. While we have crossed many frontiers in our bid to understand our brain, we are still only scratching the surface. But one thing is sure, to the degree your brain is functioning efficiently directly correlates to how well you will function in the world. Many clinical psychologists recognise this and the fact that western medicine is failing us. While some medications may keep anxiety and depression at bay, they are not providing the relief many people hoped for, and certainly are not conducive to enhancing brain function long term, hence the demand and rise in complementary therapies as people seek out natural and holistic treatments. Now technology has crossed frontiers that no one saw coming at an astounding rate. Our environment is changing constantly and technology is definitely at the forefront. Social media, online learning, computers, screen addiction, 5G etc... are all adding to a growing problem and parents are worried sick about the effects technology is having on our kids. The humbling part for me? The very technology that is hindering and harming us by adding to the mental health crisis (and causing many other health issues), may be offset by this cutting edge technology that supports healing and growth, and also supports expanding us consciously.

The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system was designed by clinical psychologists to utilise our innate ability to re-organise, correct and heal by using tiny sensors to monitor the brain activity. Natural and non-invasive, the gentle nature of the process and the accompanying music takes you into an exquisite and deeply relaxing state, the perfect setting for a therapeutic healing session, or simply to deepen a meditation, calm an overactive nervous system, or support a busy work schedule.

Our brain is working very hard every day to perform at its best to keep us alive and well, however due to environmental stressors that may not have been conducive to optimal health and wellness (and may have been more about survival and safety), our brain may have become locked into patterns and programs that play out negatively, which then impacts our lives in a negative way. Anxiety, PTSD, exhaustion and fatigue, inability to adapt, change or grasp new ideas and concepts, lack of focus, emotion instability, shutting down or zoning out are all signs and symptoms of sub-optimal neurological processing. Neurofeedback gives the brain constant feedback and due to the very nature of the brain and our incredible neural plasticity, the brain simply corrects itself.

Bottom line is this, if you are not actively and voluntarily choosing to expand and grow cognitively and consciously, (which includes not only the mental processes but the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects) then you are involuntarily choosing to narrow. Ouch!

What is cognitive function and what can Neurofeedback support and enhance….?

Cognitive functions are mental processes that allow us to carry out tasks. They allow individuals to have an active role in the processes of receiving and updating information, choice and decision making, learning and transforming, storing and retrieval of information, reasoning and problem solving, attention and presence. Sub-optimal cognitive function directly affects our ability to process and navigate the world around us including our relationships - personal and professional, reduces our resilience and negatively impacts our ability to adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Paul Chek said it perfectly when he pointed out the following; extraordinary people are simply ordinary people doing extraordinary things… Now 'biohacking' has become a buzzword around the health and wellness industry, but it is exactly this that is giving individuals an edge, and Neurofeedback is the ‘brain hack’ of the century that we’ve desperately needed in a world that is facing an epidemic of mental health.

So who can benefit from Neurofeedback? Anyone struggling with anxiety or depression, learning or language delays or developmental challenges, ADHD and behavioural issues, PTSD, trauma, stress, panic attacks, sleep disturbances, overthinking, tiredness and fatigue, as well as high functioning athletes, biohackers, and anyone wishing to enhance their mental health and well-being and gain an edge!

Combining NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback with your Kinesiology session is double the fun and double the outcome! While sessions still move at a pace perfect for the client as your kinesiology practitioner is listening to and tapping into your body’s innate healing ability through constant biofeedback, sessions are now enhanced by the combination of this technique with the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system. Eastern healing philosophy combined with western physiological sciences and cutting-edge neuro-technology is a perfect marriage of ancient and current knowledge and wisdom.

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